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5 Common Causes for a Water Pipe Burst (and How to Troubleshoot Them)

By July 17, 2020 No Comments
water pipe burst

Plumbing issues and water damage are never fun to deal with and leaving them unsolved will only lead to bigger bills and headaches.

That’s why, as a homeowner, the best thing you can do is understand why these issues happen and how you can prevent them from happening in the first place.

In today’s article, we’ll be going over five common reasons behind a water pipe burst and what you can do about them. Read on!

1. Corrosion

Pipes don’t last forever and one of the most common reasons why they burst is simply corrosion.

This happens because the metal is constantly in contact with water, which, over time, can lead the pipes to become increasingly fragile and, eventually, corrode and break.

What You Can Do

There’s not much you can do to prevent or slow down the process of corrosion.

Our tip is that you get a professional to evaluate the state of your pipes every year and, when necessary, get a modern replacement installed.

2. Frozen Pipes

If you live somewhere where temperatures can drop significantly (particularly, below 0 Fahrenheit), the water that goes through your pipes might end up freezing.

As it builds up, the frozen water will put more and more pressure on the pipes, and, eventually, it will become too much for the metal to handle, causing the pipe to burst.

What You Can Do

Using heat tape is an efficient way of keeping your pipes warm, as is putting your faucets on a drip, in order to keep the water running.

3. Clogged Pipes

Just like frozen water, accumulated debris inside of a pipe will end up causing too much pressure on the metal, causing it to crack. The good news is that it is very easy to avoid your pipes to clog if you’re just wary of throw down your drains.

What You Can Do

Using sink strainers is a cheap, yet effective way of keeping your pipes always unclogged, so make sure to have one on each drain in your house.

4. Water Pressure Issues

If the water pressure in your house is too high, the impact on the pipes will be too harsh and it might cause it to break, especially if the pressure has been high for a long time.

What You Can Do

Keep your water pressure always between 40 and 45 psi, and your pipes will be more able to handle it without a problem.

5. Tree Roots

If there are big trees near your property, the roots might end up reaching your pipes, and even wrap around them. Because these roots are so strong, they can damage the metal and cause it to break.

What You Can Do

If you plant any new trees, make sure to do it away from your pipes. In case the damage is already done, there’s not much you can do but calling a professional to help you.

Dealing With a Water Pipe Burst

Now that you know some of the most common reasons behind a water pipe burst, you’ll be able to more easily ensure that your pipes are always in top condition.

However, accidents might still happen and if you ever notice a leak somewhere in your house, it’s important that you call a professional team, like Hoggatt, as soon as possible.

Schedule your appointment whenever necessary and we’ll give you a free quote!