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5 Reasons a Dirty Carpet Can Lead to Hospitalization

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dirty carpet

Is there a hidden danger lurking in your home?

If you have a dirty carpet, they could be harboring mites, molds, or poisons that could make you and your loved ones seriously sick.

We take our carpet for granted, but the occasional vacuuming isn’t always enough to keep it clean and safe.

Has it been a while since your last professional carpet cleaning? If so, read on to learn what risks you could be facing— and what you can do to stop them.

1. Mold and Mildew Live in Dirty Carpet

Mold, also known as mildew, is a fungus. These tiny, lightweight spores are frequently seen in damp areas of homes, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

You may smell or visually notice mold, but sometimes you don’t know it’s there—until you and your family start noticing health problems.

Mold commonly develops after water damage or flooding. If your carpet or floors have been water damaged recently, contact us for a complete water restoration service. As mold and mildew will quickly grow on carpet and flooring, don’t delay.

Mold, being a lightweight spore, can very easily be inhaled into the body, causing a raft of serious health problems. Mold can worsen or create symptoms of asthma, and also frequently causes coughing, eye and nasal irritation, sore throat, and breathing difficulties.

For the young or elderly, mold exposure can be a serious health condition that may require hospitalization. For suspected mold exposure, always speak to a doctor immediately.

2. Pet Allergies

Pet allergies, namely dogs and cats, are a huge problem for many across the country, including in the Wichita area. In fact, at least 15% of the population suffer from pet allergies, and they are also very common in children.

Once pet dander gets deeply embedded into carpet, it can be very hard to completely remove with your regular home vacuum.

Even if you don’t have pets, if you move into a new rental apartment or home, the pet hair or allergens could still be trapped in the carpet.

If you do have pets, regular carpet cleanings can minimize exposure to allergens for guests in your home.

For those experiencing pet allergies, you might develop skin hives, sneezing, swollen and watery eyes, sinus pressure, and itchy skin.

To reduce your carpet health risks, book a professional carpet cleaning to keep your carpet clean and healthy. Our unique, ten-step cleaning process cleans, via a high-pressure system, deodorizes, and neutralizes.

3. Skin Diseases

Can carpet make you sick? If you have dust mites, yes.

Dust mites are microscopic creatures. Rather unpleasantly, they tend to enjoy eating dead skin cells that we all shed throughout the day. Where do we tend to shed skin cells? On our carpet, where we are frequently walking around, playing with the kids, or relaxing on the couch.

They can cause an uncomfortable rash on the skin, red and itchy. However, some people with allergies react more severely. Unfortunately, dust mites can wreak havoc on the immune system, causing asthmatic attacks, shortness of breath, and feeling as if you have a bad flu.

If anyone in your home has a weakened immune system or pre-existing health condition, they may react worse to dust mites living in your carpet.

Decongestants can help, but you may need prescription medicine or treatment from your doctor.

If you aren’t deep cleaning your carpet regularly, there’s a good chance you have dust mites in your home. They can also get into bedding and pillows, so change pillows frequently to avoid this problem.

4. Salmonella

You might think of salmonella as a type of food poisoning. It is often seen in raw eggs or undercooked food, but it is also a type of bacteria that can live on carpet.

Not only can it live on carpet, but it can thrive, for up to four weeks!

If there is any salmonella in your home and it happens to get on carpet, such as through a piece of dropped food, or even from human fluids, that means both your family members, pets, and any friends and neighbors are now at risk of salmonella poisoning.

Salmonella can cause vomiting, fever, headaches, diarrhea, chills, and cramps. Unfortunately, it can lead to hospitalization for dehydration or other complications. However, it is treatable with antibiotics.

Keeping your carpet clean and immediately cleaning up any spills or accidents can prevent bacteria, such as salmonella, from taking hold of your carpet.

5. Dangerous Chemicals

Are there any dangerous chemicals in your home, such as drain cleaner, ammonia, or bleach? Or, do you work in an industry where you have frequent contact with chemicals that may come into contact with your clothes or shoes?

We frequently use chemicals in our home, but they can cause toxicity if spilled or consumed.

If chemicals get onto your carpet, it can not only damage the carpet or flooring underneath but can also be dangerous to the inhabitants of your home. This is especially true for young children or pets, who may spend a lot of time playing on the floor.

If an acidic chemical such as drain cleaner does spill onto your carpet, try to neutralize it with baking soda and water.

Always call 911 or the poison control for any accidental chemical consumption, as treatments vary for each type of poison. Common symptoms of poisoning from chemicals include vomit, burns around the mouth, confusion, and trouble breathing.

If your carpet has had any chemical spills, book a carpet cleaning before letting your family near the area of the spill, for their own safety.

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