Water Restoration

8 Signs That You Need Water Damage Restoration (Fast!)

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Water Damage Restoration

Winter in Wichita can bring a host of headaches for homeowners each year. Snowstorms can turn rooftops into ice dams that lead to water leaks in the home.

Water damage restoration is one of the top remedies to this problem. But the winter months aren’t the only time to monitor your home for water damage.

Check out these top 8 signs you need water restoration services immediately.

1. Stained Walls or Ceilings

Discolored walls and ceilings aren’t a sign of aging paint. When you see dark brown or beige stains on your ceilings, you can bet water damage restoration will be needed.

When the water dries between leaks, it leaves minerals and salt which is the cause of the discoloration. Stains will be harder to detect on areas with dark-colored paint but check for signs of brown, yellow, orange or green discoloration.

Though stains are most common on ceilings, the damage could occur behind walls or the floor if they are pipes behind them. Seeing stains is one of the best ways to spot a leaky roof.

2. Smell of Mold

The smell of mold around your home is a clear sign of water damage in your home. Moldy smells resemble the odor you get when leaving damp pool towels on the floor too long before throwing them in the washing machine.

When the smell comes from the walls, the room might also seem damp like you’re in a basement. Basements often get this smell if too much humidity accumulates creating a breeding ground for mold.

You’ll need to remove the excess water along with the mold to truly get rid of the smell.

 3. Warped Flooring

When water gets into your subflooring, you can both see and feel the results. Floors begin to warp in a variety of ways based on the material of the flooring.

For example, wood flooring often buckles rising up like a tent. You might also notice the ground becoming slightly uneven as you cross the room.

Other floors could begin breaking away from the foundation or sinking. These are not signs of normal wear and tear of your floors.

Assume water damage restoration is needed to clean up beneath the flooring. Detecting the moisture early is the best way to save your floors from permanent damage.

4. Wall Damage

Water damage behind the walls can cause more than just discolored paint. Walls damaged by moisture or mold sometimes begin to bubble up or peel.

If the walls are soft, it’s likely a sign of recent water damage and that you need to get them repaired immediately. Soft walls aren’t sturdy and can lead to cracks in your baseboards.

By the time the damage is visible on the walls, the leak may have gone undetected for a while. Visible signs of damage on the walls is a sign you need emergency water restoration services.

5. Mold on Baseboards

Whenever moisture builds up in your home, there is the potential for mold. Showers, for example, are a hotspot for mold growing in the caulk between the tiling.

This kind of mold growth isn’t a cause for concern. But more subtle mold growth, such as in the baseboards of a bedroom or on a wall, can be a sign of water damage.

Once exception is finding mold in a basement room with no ventilation. The raised humidity in this room promotes mold growth even when there’s no water damage behind the walls.

If you find mold in any other place in your home, especially a room with windows, peel back the baseboards to inspect further. If you see mold on a windowpane, peel back the caulk to see how far the damage goes.

6. Visible Water

Leady appliances can be the culprit when you find puddles of standing water in your home. While this isn’t great news, it’s better than the alternative: water damage.

Damaged pipes sometimes lead to standing water depending on where the pipes are located. Inspect crawl spaces and other hiding spots throughout your room if you smell mold or feel additional humidity in your house.

If you find any standing water or puddles in your crawl space, it’s a good chance your home has water damage.

7. Sounds of Water

The sounds of water can be soothing at the end of a long day. Meditation music commonly includes sounds of babbling brooks or soft rainfall.

In your home, however, these sounds should be cause for concern. Contact a professional if you can’t locate the source of the water sounds.

These sounds are warning signs that a much bigger problem is at hand. Take immediate steps toward water damage restoration to avoid serious damage.

8. High Water Bill

A spike in your monthly water bill is a sign something is wrong. Compare your bills over the past few months if you are suspicious the cost has gone up.

Leaks might be coming from toilets, hot water heats or the main water supply. These are the areas that use the most water so they are more likely to affect the amount of your bill each month.

Chances are high that one of these areas will be the culprit. If you can’t find a visible leak, it’s time to call the professionals to inspect further to stop the leak from spreading.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is not a sign that your home is falling apart. Water damage is a common concern for homeowners, especially in older homes.

As homes age, it’s natural for pipes to begin to leak or the roof to wear out. Keeping an eye out for potential damage puts you in the driver seat of ensuring your house remains in top condition.

For more information on water damage restoration in Wichita, contact us today.