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A DIY Don’t: 3 Reasons Your Carpet Looks Dirtier After Cleaning It Yourself

By July 14, 2020 July 15th, 2020 No Comments
carpet looks dirtier after cleaning

If you’re one of those people who feel relaxed (and even happier) after cleaning your house, you might have tried cleaning your carpets before.

However, if you’re reading this article, chances are that you ended up feeling frustrated and confused, instead of serene and in high spirits.

“My carpet looks dirtier after cleaning… why?!”

There are several possible answers to your question and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Read on to learn why your carpet is still dirty!

1. You’re Using Too Much Soap or Too Much Water

For an untrained person, using large amounts of soap, water, or both, might seem like it would be a more efficient way of eliminating the dirt and grime on the carpet.

However, carpet cleaning pros know that’s not exactly how things work.

See, when you apply too much soap and water on the carpet, two things happen:

  1. The liquid weighs on the carpet, making it sink almost to the backing and causing the colors to start disappearing.
  2. The water and soap can build up on the carpet, which will consequently cause residue to build up as well and grey stains to start appearing.

2. The Stains Have Reached the Backing of the Carpet

We’ve all spilled wine, coffee, or tomato sauce on our carpets.

Accidents happen and the most important thing is that you try and clean the area as soon as you can, so that the liquid doesn’t get penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers and dry.

Otherwise, you’ll end up facing a problem called carpet wicking, which happens when even though you’re able to clean the surface of the carpet, you start noticing the deeper stains slowly reappearing.

Depending on the stain, this issue might be a bit tricky to solve and you might need to replace your carpet, either partially or entirely.

3. You’re Not Vacuuming Before Cleaning

The cleaner your carpet is before you apply products and water, the better your end result will be, which is why you should start by vacuuming it.

This way, you can easily remove all dust and loose debris, which could otherwise end up sticking to the fibers and accumulating when mixed with liquid substances.

Plus, in the end, once your carpet dries, this debris will simply reappear on its surface, and all your efforts will have been for nothing.

What to Do If Your Carpet Looks Dirtier After Cleaning

The secret to keeping your carpets always perfectly clean is simple: all you need to do is hire a professional!

Not only will this help you save time and big headaches but, in the long run, it will also help you save money, so why not make the investment?

Here at Hoggatt, we use a 10-step cleaning process that removes all dirt, dust, and stains. If your carpet looks dirtier after cleaning and you don’t know what to do, we’d love to give you a hand.

Schedule your appointment today and get a free quote!