Water Damage

Guide to Understanding Water Damage and What to Do Next

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water damage

The average cost of water repair is $1,100 to over $4,000. Water damage comes from many sources. The most common are leaks, burst pipes, excessive rainfall, and flooding.

In a city like Wichita, where the Arkansas River is only one of many rivers and creeks, flash flooding can cause serious damage. It is important to remember that while other sources of water damage aren’t as dramatic, they can be just as serious.

How Water Damage Happens

Water damage is unique in that it can damage what lays beneath your walls, floors, and ceilings without leaving any sign. Once you clean up the standing water or damp area of your home, you might think you are finished.

Water seeps in following the path of least resistance. Any structural weakness such as damaged shingles, cracks in the walls, or even nail holes will allow water in.

Many of us have basements due to the risk of severe weather and tornadoes. Basements are one of the most commonly damaged parts of your home by water.

When your basement leaks, you can lose expensive appliances like water heaters and furnaces. Stored equipment and belongings can also be damaged when water seeps into our basements.

Water Damage Will Happen

If water pools against or enters your home, it will cause damage. There are precautions you can take that will minimize the risk. These precautions may help, but water damage will still happen.

Living in Kansas means that you are already familiar with severe thunderstorms. No amount of precautions will fully protect your home from water damage.

Since you can’t fully prevent water damage, what happens after your home has been water damaged?

Water Damage Warning Signs

If you have had water seep into your home, leak through your roof, or even pool on your floor, your trouble has just started. As a liquid, water freely travels across and through what it touches.

If you notice dripping or standing water, the damage is being done beyond what you can see. Water can weaken drywall and will cause discoloration. This is because of minerals transported by the water.

These stains can appear even where there is no other sign of water damage. This means water is moving around that you can’t see.

Dampness on furniture or excessive moisture in the air can mean that you have more extensive water damage than you might think. As water is absorbed by wood, insulation and other common household building materials, they become damp.

Slow seepage of water can be invisible to your eye. If you notice a wet spot on your floor or dampness in your basement, you may have to find a restoration expert.

Health Risks and Structural Risks

The weather in Kansas can throw us curveballs with little warning. Excessive heat and cold will cause water trapped in your walls and insulation to expand and contract. This freezing and thawing action is especially harmful to structures.

If left unresolved, you could lose walls or sections of your roof quite easily. This can lead to further expense as appliances and belongings are damaged.

Even after you have dried all the water and stopped the leak, the source of the water danger remains. Wherever water has pooled, you now have a very real threat of mold.

Mold is a fungus that forms in damp, warm areas. This means that even during the winter when the outside is very cold, your walls could be growing mold. Mold removal is essential to protect your health and the health of your family and pets.

It is vital to stop the water from causing even more mold and structural damage. In the case of mold, it will spread with moisture and increase the area it can cover.

Water Restoration Is a Big Job

Repairing structures that have been exposed to water damage is not easy. As we have discussed, water will go everywhere it can. This means you need experience and the right tools for the job.

Specializing in water damage, cleaning and mold removal, Hoggatt Cleaning & Restoration is a local business that can help you.

Living in Kansas is not for the faint of heart. The hot summers, cold winters, and brutal severe weather means that we’ve seen just about everything. Flooding and burst water mains all cause damage in the Wichita area.

As professional water restoration and mold removal experts, we have the tools to get the job done. Specialized equipment makes repairing water damage much easier.

We Can Help You Help Yourself

As soon as you suspect or confirm you have water damage, act immediately. You can contact a professional like us and we will head out quick, but don’t wait.

Immediately drain the area of water and soak up what you can. If you have extensive flooding, this might not be possible. In most cases though, getting ventilation quickly on an area affected by water will help.

Soak up standing water if possible. This will prevent further damage to furniture and other surfaces inside your home. We will take care of the rest.

Make Sure You Make the Right Choice

Using a water restoration service can take the sting out of recovering from water damage. Their expertise will be invaluable in making sure the repair is as cheap and quick as possible.

Here are some tips for choosing the right company. Even if you aren’t in the Wichita area, don’t go with anything less than a reputable company. Water damage is not something to leave to amateurs.

In the Wichita area, Hoggatt Cleaning & Restoration has 20 years of experience in dealing with water damage of all kinds. Read some reviews for yourself before you decide if you should turn to us.

Don’t risk the health of your family and the integrity of your home. Leaving water damage can cause a vast array of problems for you down the road.

Take care of your home and family and contact us to take care of your water damage.