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The Highest Quality Carpet Cleaning in Wichita

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This article is going to explain why it’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned. We will take a look at what might be living in your carpet and what traditional vaccuums miss. In addition, we will outline the services (inline link to the services provided by Hoggatt) and equipment we use to make sure we’re the best carper cleaning service in Wichita!

What Traditional Vacuums Miss

The modern vacuum cleaner can trace its roots to the 19th century (outbound link: ). The original models were designed to serve the same use as many traditional vacuums are now, to remove dust and dirt from the home.

While removing dust and dirt can certainly leave a home LOOKING cleaner. We have learned a great deal since the 1800’s about the microscopic elements and particulates that might be living in our carpet, which a household vacuum cleaner may miss.

What Might Be Living in your Carpet

Aside from the obvious dirt and soil (did you know the average US household produces up to 40 pounds of dust per year (outbound link ), there are many other things that might be taking up residence in your carpet.

The first thing we’ll mention, and arguably the ickiest, is bugs, mites, and bacteria. To a large number of tiny creatures, your carpet seems to be an absolute paradise. The temperature is usually pretty favorable, it NEVER rains, and there are plenty of little hiding places to breed and lay eggs.

What’s best for the bugs though, isn’t best for humans. Many of the critters that live in our carpet, such as mites and bed bugs, can cause skin irritation, rashes, and respiratory illnesses.

Even the most hardworking vacuum cleaner isn’t going to be able to get rid of all of them, and it’s best to hire out to a professional cleaning company.

Beyond bugs, there are a number of other things which can get lodged in and live in carpet, namely mildew.

Mildew and mold are bacteria harmful to humans. Over prolonged exposure, mildew can cause serious diseases based in the lungs or skin, or other points on contact, especially with the very young and very old.

While it is possible to clean some of the mold yourself, using carpet cleaning sprays and serious elbow grease, the only way to be sure you’ve cleaned up completely is by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

Pet hair, dander, and dead skin also rank very high in the ‘things you’ll find if you look at your carpet with a microscope’ list. Pet hair is a vacuum’s worst enemy as it often can become tangled in the filter and cause your equipment to burn out.

Spilled drinks and food particles regularly fall into the carpet, and look, we’re not here to blame you. We’ve all done it. But grinding it in with a paper towels isn’t exactly lifting those substances out of your carpet, and in many cases serves only to rub it in.

And then there’s good ol’ classic dirt. Might not sound so bad after all that talk of mites, don’t you think? Look, even the best home vacuum isn’t going to be able to lift every particle of dirt from your carpet. It’s going to get picked up as people walk around the carpet and it’s going to get spread around

The only way to ensure your carpet is absolutely clean from all of these contaminates is to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

We Use The Latest, Greatest Technology

When the professionals at Hoggatt Cleaning and Restoration clean your carpets, we use the best technology and equipment there is. Our professional-grade vacuums use steam and heat to loosen particulates and remove them at the base of your carpet, and don’t just wash away the top.

Your carpet is like an ecosystem, and cleaning that ecosystem requires bottom to top service.

We offer the finest carpet cleaning services in Wichita, at a reasonable price. We want to make sure everyone can afford to keep their families safe and their carpets free of the things that could possibly make you sick.