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What Are the Main Differences Between a Steam and Dry Cleaned Carpet?

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Did you know there could be hundreds of tiny organisms living in your home – without you even knowing it?

Many likely nestle in your carpet! But our carpets are not just home to small organisms. They take the brunt of our feet and furniture and become muddy, dusty, and stained.

Keeping our carpets cleaned is vital to the health of our families, but what’s the best way to clean it? Should they be dry cleaned or steam cleaned? Does it matter?

If you’re interested in having your carpets cleaned, continue reading to understand the difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning carpets.

What is Dry Cleaned Carpet?

Dry cleaning carpets is exactly what it sounds like – using no moisture to clean the carpet. Instead, professional cleaners use chemicals that they sprinkle onto the carpet, that breaks down stains.

However, the dry cleaning method still uses a bit of water to help the chemicals absorb the stains and other debris in your carpets. But if you have a carpet that cannot become saturated, it’s wise to use the dry-cleaning method.

One of the advantages of having your carpet dry cleaned is that the drying time is immediate. There’s little to no waiting for your carpet to dry and you can likely move your furniture or walk on the carpet immediately after it’s been cleaned. This might seem like it’s not an effective treatment, but the opposite is true.

Dry cleaning is great if your carpets are lightly stained and don’t accumulate much traffic.

A disadvantage would be that dry cleaning does not do so well with heavier or stubborn stains. Most of the time dry cleaning works on a surface level, and cannot penetrate deep into your carpet to lift tougher stains.

What is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Having your carpet steam cleaned means using hot water, steam, and chemicals to clean your carpets. Contrary to popular belief, the steam itself cannot get carpets clean but must be combined with detergent to help break down deeply rooted stains.

However, this can be done safely and effectively! Most professional cleaners use a steam cleaner with the detergent first and then use steam to get it your carpet clean. There are plenty of detergents available that are environmentally friendly.

If your carpet has heavy staining, or you have pets and other people living in your home, consider getting your carpet steam cleaned. This method reaches deep into your carpet to pull out allergens, dirt, and anything else that might be lurking.

One of the disadvantages of steam cleaning is the wait time for drying, as it can take several hours for the carpet to completely dry. Also, some carpets cannot tolerate being too wet and may become ruined. Before you decide to go for a steam clean, contact a professional to see if your carpet can withstand steam without damage.

Ready to Clean Your Carpet?

So, will you have your carpet dry cleaned or steam cleaned? The choice is yours, but make sure you contact a professional to see what the best choice is to maintain the health of your carpet.

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